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Welcome to World Class K-9 World Class K-9 is unique. At World Class K-9, we operate as an established family and business protection training for dogs. We not only encourage responsible dog ownership, but we market dogs that have the ability to be successfully trained. We offer as a separate service training programs geared towards achieving results that are sound and enhance the quality of life for any pet, owner and all those affiliated (family) with the pet.

Available Dogs at World Class K-9: -Mamba- 7 month old female Belgian Malinois -Foxy- 7 month old female Belgian Malinois -Fable- female Belgian Malinois 9 months old Malo-SOLD Freink-SOLD King-SOLD

When choosing a puppy that will be raised to protect your family and/or property, you should be selective about the breed. Considering that there exist many working breeds from which to choose research is key. Even if you choose from a working class breed known for personal protection you still need to identify the right puppy from the litter, which is the reason why this handbook was written. This handbook will help you to choose the best candidate for a personal protection companion. Ideally, find a breeder that produces litters geared towards the specific temperament needed for personal protection dogs.

If you have purchased your puppy and have placed them on the right behavioral track the first phase of training can begin. -The Ultimate puppy training guide- is the next video you should watch. If you desire to further your dog’s personal protection training then it is suggested that you watch the video that focuses on -imprinting your puppy for personal protection-. Thank you and I hope that this guide helped you to broaden your understanding of how to purchase a puppy geared for personal protection work. We provide the attack dog training for security purpose.

At World Class K-9, Personal protection dogs for sale that are raised and trained for the family protection companion as well as for guard duty. Each dog with -World Class- in front of their name is from our breeding program and the others are chosen from affiliates that breed for the proper temperaments, stability, and nerves needed for the training we offer. Protection dogs, Guard dogs, Security dogs and all kind of dogs are available here. Please visit our training package page for the different levels and pricing. It’s important for us to understand your needs and desires before choosing a dog, so please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding Best home protection dog so we can ensure Protection training for dogs as per your demand.

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How To Effectively Eliminate Cat Urine Odor


Don’t you hate it when your couch, furniture, or other parts of your house smell like your old high school laboratory room with a disgusting ammonia-like odor floating on air and penetrating well on your nostrils? The irritating smell can go on for days or even weeks if you don’t do anything to effectively eliminate cat urine odor.

Indeed, being a cat pet lover has both the advantages and disadvantages. For many people, having cats to care for can be a great stress-reliever. However, it can be a source of stress, too, especially when almost too often they would start to leave pungent cat urine smell on your favorite furnishings. What’s a great pet owner like you to do? Send them out? Give them away?

Just like dogs, cats can also be trained to pee outside the house. When inside the house, you would need to ensure that their area or territory, especially their litter box, is kept clean at all times so that they are not likely to look for another place to mess around with their lingering cat pee odor.

Much has been written already about home-made remedies that either use, among other things, vinegar solution or hydrogen peroxide solution that many people claim to be really effective in removing cat pee odor. You are likely to read a lot of these tips online. Indeed, these are practical, tried and tested remedies you can use; however, you would usually need to make repeated steps before traces of odor will no longer bother your nostrils.

If you dont want to have to go through repeated processes of cleaning up foul odor from a cat’s pee just to ensure permanent riddance , you can always make use of cat pee odor removal products that are available in the standard market or online. Don’t forget to consider the quality and safety features when making a purchase. You don’t want to be able to solve current pet odor problem by masking it with yet another strong odor blocking your nostrils.

If you really are a true-blue cat person, it is no doubt you can put up with your pet cat even if they seem to have no respect for the new couch or furniture you just bought lately. Instead, you’ll find ways to stop your beloved feline creature from urinating inside the house. However, if it can’t be helped, then maybe it’s time to seek refuge from any affordable cat urine odor removal products.

Hypoallergenic Dogs For Allergy People


Hypoallergenic dog has a lowered tendency to bring you allergies or reactions to allergy suffers. There are no pure 100% hypoallergenic dogs! People with allergies react to different breeds of dogs differently. Each person has a unique allergic threshold.

The dander is the problem to allergy suffers, not the hair. Hypoallergenic dogs are producing allergens but certain coat varieties will produce less than others. Two coats dogs produce less amounts ofallergens, and the hairless varieties can even produce enough dander to effect allergy people.

If you wonder your dog if it will affect you even though its a hypoallergenic dog ask your breeder if you can see one of his dogs. Go to the breeder’s house and stay 20-30 minutes then go home directly and see what happens. Here is a list of some of the hypoallergenic dogs to choose:

Golden Retrievers
Labrador Retrievers
American Hairless Terrier-medium size
Siberian Huskies
Bichon Frise
Alaskan Malamutes
Border Terrier-small
American Eskimos
Cairn-medium size
Chinese Crested (hairless)-medium size
Shiba Inus
Kerry Blue Terrier-medium size
Miniature Schnauzer
Portuguese Water Dog-medium size
Shih Tzu
Spanish Water Dog-medium size
Standard Schnauzer-medium size
Chow Chows
Tibetan Terrier-medium size
Catahoula Leopard Dogs
Bernese Mountain Dogs
West Highland White Terrier-medium size
Wirehaired Fox Terrier-medium size
Border Collies
Yorkshire Terrier

They are hybrid dogs which are also good pets for allergic people. These dogs have less or no dander. Here are few to choose:


Air purifier and a good vacuum may help keep the allergies down.

Of course, bathing and grooming your dog frequently could help however some dogs can’t be bathed too frequently because it causes dry skin problems.

Do a research on different breeds of dogs, ask your breeders and a veterinarian to get all the information you need to help you find the suitable dog for you.

Using Cantharis For Cats – What You Need To Know


There are a number of compounds often found listed as ingredients in homeopathic and natural supplements for cats. Among the most commonly found in homeopathic supplements are those using cantharis for cats and their UTI issues.

Cantharis is the same substance which, when abused, is sometimes called “Spanish Fly.” If you want to laugh, that’s reasonable, but do recall that the use of Spanish Fly is an abuse of the substance, rather than the low-level preventive use found in homeopathic medicine.

When using cantharis for cats the intent is to promote regular and frequent urination: the same evil burning sensation that humans thought was equal to sexual attraction is, at a much, much lower level, an appropriate stimulation to urinate. Cantharis and staphysagria (a derivative of seeds from one of the families of delphinium) are both positive substances when used at very low levels to encourage your cat to regularly use the pan.

In that situation cantharis for cats is a beneficial supplement. The primary germ involved in UTIs is the e. coli bacteria, which is usually imported with traces of feces when your cat grooms himself. Frequent and regular urination flushes the germs down and out, while diluting any crystals which may be forming in the urine that would cause irritation and injury and provide an ideal place for the e. coli to take up residence.

Using cantharis and staphysagria to make sure your cat is regularly desiring to empty his bladder is a great way to help the natural protections of his own body work in his favor, and reduce the frequency and severity of UTIs.

If you are concerned about using cantharis on cats, or cantharis and staphysagria in combination you should refer the idea to your veterinarian, making sure you let him know what product you are using, at what dosages, and what level of intensity is present in the product itself.

If your veterinarian is aware of the extremely low levels present in most homeopathic substances there is a good chance that he or she will be comfortable allowing you to attempt this form of preventive health care. Even doubting vets will often consider the use of homeopathy to constitute a case of “no harm,” and many have come to believe that homeopathy among other alternative approaches to medical care of animals offers a beneficial and safe way of supporting health and promoting a sturdy body.

Basic things a cat needs


Just like human beings, cats have needs and their needs must be fulfilled. Cat’s need your attention and care, they need to play and develp socail behavior like they would do in nature. Cat’s like to feel a warm body and they actually need this to grow up to good behaving cats.
What does your cat need?

For a better growth and development of your cat make sure you provide:

* Cat food

Wild cats don’t have the opportunity to get a fresh meal every day, so they eat as much as they can once they get some. That’s a natural behavior that some cat pets still show. Cats can get greedy but you have to watch their diet. Be sure you do not give your cat too much food and also don’t leave her hungry. There is a right amount of food that a cat needs every day. The right amount depends on how old your cat is, what gender, how much is the cat outside and some other factors. When cats are younger than 3 months, you should split the meals up into 4 small meals every day. Once your cat is as old as 12 weeks, you can gradually trim down the number of meals to 2 a day.

* Water

Don’t give your cat milk, it can cause diarrhea. A little once in a while is o.k. Provide your cat with enough water, especially if you feed a lot of “dry food”. Make sure the water is fresh, cats don’t like old water. Some cats don’t like pure water if they got milk all the time. A trick here is to thin down the milk with water, a little bit more each time you give it.

* Cat belongings

There are certain things you need to provide to your cat. A litter box is one of the items that are absolutely necessary to have. It helps you to keep your home clean from odor and urine stains. Put at least 3 sheets of newspaper at the bottom of the litter box, then fill enough litter in the box. This will help you to clean it later on.
If you don’t want your furniture to be ruined through cat scratches, you want to provide a scratch place to your cat. This can be a professional one or a self-made one like a rolled up carpet that you locate vertically.

* Your cat’s place

Yes, your cat needs to have his own place to sleep or to hide. A good place to sleep for your cat should be a a warm source. You can use old towels or old cloths to build a comfortable place for your cat. A good place to hide for your cat can be a closet that you open just a little bit.

These four important points should be remembered because they can definitely make your cat pets feel good.

Extra Large Dog House Is It Worth


Owning an extra large breed means added expenses. If you have a large breed you know that the requirements of these dogs are huge in comparison to small or medium sized dogs. They need more food, extra large bed and more space both indoor and outdoor. These things dont indicate luxury for them. These are merely the needs of the large breed. As an owner you should be able to fulfill these needs of your pet.

Pet owners should have the patience to understand all the needs of their dogs. Large breeds are costly. If you wish to have a large breed you should be prepared for the extra expenses. These pets are most costly to care for. They not only need extra space or food, you may also have to go for expensive medications depending on the dimension and weight of the animal. Veterinary care for these animals is also costly. They need some costly injections for preventive treatments.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind as the owner of a large dog is that it needs a large dog house to stay in. You will have to fulfill their accommodation needs properly. The best thing to go for is an extra large dog house that you can place in your back yard. Placing the dog house in the yard is a wise decision as this will allow you to enjoy the indoor space completely.

Extra large dog houses are expensive but they offer peace of mind to the pet owner. Large dog houses have lovely designs which make them look like little homes. These kinds of dog houses have dormers, peaked roofs and windows. You can also add attractive shutters, window boxes as well as paint colors to make them appear more beautiful. But make sure the decoration is in harmony with your outdoor space.

The size of these dog houses is big enough to accommodate large and extra large breed as well. Your dog can enjoy the comfort the large dog houses offer. Many of them also come with double door. This helps the owner to get inside and clean the dog house. You can also put down the pets bed, or change the food bowl or pail of water. You may also find dog houses with a fenced in area attached to them. It offers your pet some additional space to move around their own home.

While ready made extra large dog house is available in the market you can also go for the ones which need to be assembled. Decorating and assembling the large dog house can be fun. Having a nice dog house in the yard feels great. It is not only a pleasure to you but also to your pet.

How to Prevent and Treat Cat Hairballs


Cat hairballs can really become a problem for your cat, especially if they occur frequently. What causes hairballs? Cats are very clean animals. They wash themselves constantly, and in the process, they ingest a lot of fur. Eventually, all that hair builds up creating a hairball. Cat hairballs are not only uncomfortable for you cat, but they can also lead to other problems like constipation. There are ways, fortunately, to reduce and even prevent hairball buildup.

So if you already own a cat, or if you just adopted a cat, and need information on cat hairballs, here is some information about the symptoms and prevention of hairballs. You’ll also find information on cat hairball remedies.

Hairball Symptoms

A hairball problem is somewhat easy to spot. Your cat will start hacking and coughing, followed by vomiting. These episodes might occur frequently, especially if you have a long-haired cat.

Even if you don’t see your cat going through what I call a “hairball episode”, you can still see the evidence: a ball of hair on the floor, or the carpet, or wherever your cat chose to spit out the ball. Usually, a hairball is an long mass of hair, similar to a cigar in shape. It is definitely not a pretty sight.

Cat Hairball Prevention and Treatment

The easiest step to help you prevent hairballs is brushing your cat on a regularly basis, preferably every day. Even if brushing does not completely eliminate hairballs, it will reduce the amount ingested, thus reducing the frequency of the problem. Furthermore, brushing your cat will help your cat stay in great condition. And remember that a grooming session is always a great bonding opportunity.

If despite your efforts, your cat continues to have a hairball problem, try a hairball remedy. Consult your vet, and he or she will suggest the best treatment for your cat. Some common hairball remedies include petroleum-based gels, which are given orally. You may also give your cat a fiber-rich diet, or special-formula food designed to prevent hairballs.

Another alternative is to use home treatments, like giving your cat a little bit of butter once or twice a week. Canned pumpkin is another known home remedy used to treat hairballs. You can mix a bit of pumpkin with your cat’s wet food. Again, always consult your vet before using any of these remedies.

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Treating Cat Allergies with Capstar for Cats


The use of a flea control program can definitely help in alleviating flea problems with your pet dogs. Eleven cans of cat food On the twelfth day of Christmas, the kitties asked of me… Ten new syringes On the eleventh day of Christmas, the kitties asked of me… The fleas dropped off them both by the multitudes in the bathtub. I also liked that the medication leaves their system within 24 hours as a neurotoxin to insects, so it does not harm your cat or dog in any way. Larvae are small and white and rely on adult flea excrement (known as flea dirt – flea dirt is actually dried blood from your pet) for nutrition. If you give your dog a dosage of Capstar for Cats Cats then in the best case scenario you can expect it to begin killing adult fleas as soon as 30 minutes afterward. These fleas increase in great numbers in a short time frame! Check your pets weekly for flea dirt.

More so, if your cat suffers from any underlying condition. Once applied to your dog it’s stored in the natural oils beneath the dog’s coat. Holistic treatments include: Brewer’s Yeast -grind one to two tablets up – depending upon pets weight- sprinkle over food twice a day (you may want to sprinkle water or broth on this as the dry powder made my dog choke a little). The solution for cats is most often a powder or spray. Sometimes, however, checkups are necessary because of allergic reactions that your cat may have. Boil the rind for at least a half an hour preferably a full hour. There are several over the counter flea treatments available at your local pet store. A 6 month packet starts at around $40 online. I had to open all the windows as it made me feel like I could not breathe.

Two feeding times On the third day of Christmas, the kitties asked of me… Fleas and flea larvae live in warm climates and will live until the ground freezes in cooler climates. This year it was not as bad as it has been but it still was driving my cats crazy and was driving me insane as well. Never treat ?our d?g more than every 3 weeks however, d?e to the harsh chemicals. Here is my review of this wonderful product based on my own successful experience. The first thing I did was throw away that brush, then I immediately went to Walmart and purchased Safe Guard on-spot treatment for dogs and Advantage for cats, both are half the cost of Frontline and according to the veterinarian, Safe Guard has the exact same ingredients.

How To Remove Cat Urine, And Dealing With Cat Urine Smell


If you have problems with cat urine smell, either because of a cat not using its litter box, or because of urine marking, don’t panic! There are some simple tips on how to remove cat urine. However just because you remove the stains and the cat urine smell, it doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. If you don’t find out why it is doing it your cat will probably continue with this behaviour

Before we get to the clean-up lets try to find out why your cat is doing this. There could be many different reasons why your cat is not using its litter box, and urinating in different places around the house. It may simply be marking its territory, or it may be more serious and be caused by a medical problem. If you suspect the latter then you should take it to a vet for a urinalysis, and an overall check-up, just to make sure there is not a medical reason for its behaviour.

Another reason for a cat not using its litter box is because cats can be very shy when it comes to going to the toilet. Cats enjoy their privacy, especially when they are doing their business. Make sure that you have more than one litter box for your cat, and always place it in a quiet spot away from people and other animals. You may find by simply doing this that it will start to use the litter box, and stop leaving that nasty cat urine smell all over the house.

There are several tips on how to remove cat urine, and the use of white vinegar seems to be a popular one. After soaking up as much of the urine as you can with paper towels, (don’t rub, as this will only push the urine further in,) mix two parts warm water with one part distilled white vinegar. Apply the mixture to the stained area and this time rub it well in. Allow the area to dry, and then go over it again using just warm water.

Once the affected area is fully clean and dry, you should use a high quality pet odour neutraliser; (available at pet supply stores) this will get rid of any lingering smell and so should stop your cat from re-offending in the same place

This is just one method of how to remove cat urine, there are many more home made remedies as well as some very good commercial products available at pet shops. However never use anything with ammonia for removing cat urine odours, as the urine itself contains ammonia and this will only attract your cat to mess in the same place again.

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Obtain the finest dog food for the dog to steadfastly keep up its good wellness


Dog keepers attempt to give their dogs the greatest dog-food. Be that as it might with the items available, it may be an examination to discover the one that is suitable for your puppy. Regardless of risk that you do analysis, you can even currently wind up level broke around the choice which the food could be because of contrasting information about dog-food and wellbeing.

Caring about your pet puppy

Dogs are much the same as individuals and differing beings whose great food to consume does work food. Numerous misinterpret pet puppy food whilst food’s primary sort that their most dogs should eat. This really is mixed up around the grounds that food that is dog was created for the accommodation it delivers. Genuine food for pets could possibly be baked or crude depending upon the desire of your pet.

Today, in any case, dog slots only don’t have ample energy to create their petis suppers. Everything deemed, whatever the case they require their pets to get the dog food conceivable that was best. For your people who are able to keep its cost, there’s genuinely accurate food for pets available in the business industry.

The many pet meals available in marketplace

These meals are held in partitioned pockets and may be properly used to redo a dinner policy for your dog. Never like natively produced food, are accurate ingredients for dogs that may be obtained exclusively realized to meet up your pet’s dietary essentials. This kind of dog-food is without question the top nevertheless it could possibly be unreasonable.

This is actually the reason behind why puppy cases that are numerous need to get kibble or processed food for his or her pets. Available, you’ll be able to hope to uncover canned dog-food and quality kibble. The folks who nurture their dogs with authentic food may also benefit from processed food or kibble throughout travel and crises.

To pick kibble, the very best dog-food you have to take a look at its ingredients first. Your dog food should have beautiful and specific elements. The usage of by-items is a tremendous zero-number. The food that is most effective should have an unique meat or beef meal as its component that is important. Additional factors which make the top food incorporate a minimal way of measuring feed, pine produced meals, along with vegetables. Should your pet food use sentinel or chemicals verify it’s as typical E Vitamin or Vitamin C.