Cat With UTI Follow This Simple 3-Step Treatment Plan and Your Cat Will Get Better Fast


Have a cat with UTI? When your favorite pet is suffering silently, you want to do everything in your power to get your cat better. In this article, you’ll learn three simple steps that you can take that will make your pet better fast and that can also be part of a prevention plan. To learn more, read on.

Before we get into this treatment plan, let’s talk about why antibiotics are not the best way to treat a cat with UTI. Although this is the most common treatment prescribed by vets, antibiotics can cause more problems than they solve because:

1) They do not cure the cause of feline UTI; they just suppress the symptoms in the hope that the body will heal itself. 2) since they do not cure the root cause, they can cause recurring infections. 3) Antibiotics are drugs. Drugs have side effects that can actually make your cat feel worse and suffer more.

For these reasons, when my sister came to me and said, “My cat has UTI,” I recommended that she treat her cat with natural remedies formulated specifically to treat this condition. When she asked why, I shared with her the reasons listed below:

1) Natural remedies are made from herbs which have no side effects.

2) They have no interactions, so you don’t have to worry about them creating problems with other medications that your pet might need to take.

3) Herbal remedies get to the cause of the infection because they restore the proper pH of the bladder. When the bladder pH is within a normal range, it kills bacteria and also prevents the formation of cat bladder stones.

The best remedies contain natural herbs that have been proven to be effective in treating urinary infections and preventing them from coming back. Look for ingredients like Cantharis, Berberis, Uva Ursi and Staphysagris. In addition to restoring the bladder pH, these soothing herbs heal inflamed tissues, quickly reduce pain and promote healthy urine flow. They are the most effective treatment for a cat with uti. Even better still, they are gentle enough to use daily for pets that tend to have urinary issues, regardless of whether this is due to breed, gender or age-related decline.

So there you have it: what I tell people who come to me with the concern: “My cat has UTI.” Treat your cat with natural ingredients and your pet will be better and purring happily again in no time.

Laura Ramirez researches the best treatments for cat with UTI. Find out more about safe, effective ways to treat and maintain your pet’s urinary tract health at

Chinese Horoscope 2011- Know About Rat, Monkey, Ox, Snake.


Below are the Chinese Zodiacs 2011and Chinese Horoscope 2011compatibility readings.

Rat 2011 In you want to know about Rats horoscope then they are very cute and have a charm appeal. Rats are very creative, bold, and aggressive. Due to this quality they are known to be a good businessmen, accountants and bankers.

Ox – If you want to know about Ox horoscope then they are very hardworking, methodical and can handle difficulties. Ox by nature is very clever, creative and down to earth.

Tiger As the name tiger as they are, the year born to be a leader and have a quality to fight and compete. Their nature is taking risks and also likes to be associated with trouble. They can give their best in areas such as military leaders, firemen and teachers.

Rabbit If you want to know about Rabbit horoscope then they are very social and happy in coming year. Rabbits are such who can get people’s attention in meetings and events. They are known to be very sensitive to falsehood and can judge a person’s character very well.

Dragon 2011 – If you want to know about Dragon horoscope then they are very fashionable. Dragons can be great doctors, artists and architects.

Snake – If you want to know about Snake horoscope then they are very romantic, passionate and well informed individuals.

Horse 2011 – If you want to know about house horoscope then they are very popular and hard workers. These Types of people are independent and self-willed which makes them great financiers and politicians.

Ram – If you want to know about Ram horoscope then they are very elegant and charming but are also pessimists and hesitant. They are known to be very religious and talented.

Monkey 2011 – If you want to know about Monkey horoscope then they are very mischievous, clever and vain individuals. They are deep thinkers but can often be eccentric. Monkeys do well in the fields of trade, law and politics.

Rooster – If you want to know about Rooster horoscope then they are very industrious and diligent. They are good cooks, beauticians, and public relations agents. They are known to be very compatible with the Ox and the Snake.

Dog 2011 -If you want to know about Dog horoscope then they are very honest, loyal and with a sense of duty. Dogs make superior leaders such as priests and educators.
Pig – If you want to know about Pig horoscope then they are very honest, trustful and sincere. They are finishers and are keen in placing details.

How to disinfect the bird cage


Before setting the bird into its lodging you should do something else

Never the less that the bird cage is new , and the perches are ecologically clean , they should be disinfected carefully . I call this operation carbonation , because as a disinfectant gas for burning is used , and gas for cigarette lighters can be used but it can be quite expensive .

How to proceed :

Wash both the bird cage and the wooden sticks with soap and hot water.

Leave them dry well especially the sticks because they soak with water and drench.

Prepare the gas and a cloth with which to put the gas over the perches and the bird cage. It is compulsory to put gloves ( surgery or household for washing plates ), otherwise you hands will smell awful.

Slightly damp the cloth , but not to drop gas from it , and carefully rub the bird cage everywhere and the perches . Now the bird cage and the perches are absolutely ready to be completed and to put the bird inside .

The disinfection is very useful for the bird because when it steps on the carbonated perches , a part of the gas gets soaked into its legs and then when scouring themselves it goes on its feathers.

It is good at least once or twice to clean the perches with gas and to change them. That is why I told you in the beginning to provide yourselves with wooden sticks .

To clean the bird cage with gas is more difficult , because you are supposed to have a spare lodging for the bird, where to put it temporarily . Nothing prevents you from cleaning the bird cage periodically with a cloth damped with gas without washing it with soap .

The Benefits Of Bird Houses


It is impossible to find out how many trees exactly are cut down each year. However, the 2005 report concludes that the primary forest area was reduced globally by 60,000 square kilometres per year. This is roughly the same size as Ireland. So each year, we lose enough forest to cover Ireland. This data is not complete, since there are many countries who do not keep a record of such changes. Whilst it is impossible to find out who many trees are felled each year, it can be estimated that the earth loses anywhere between three to six billion trees a year.

There are approximately 10,000 different bird species across the world. This means that there are 600,000 trees for each species being cut down each year. 600,000 trees are being lost each year, yet the number of birds is not declining anywhere near as rapidly. This means there are more birds than there are trees, if this continues, then equilibrium will be reached. This may sound like a good thing, yet it can mean that we will lose thousands of species of bird. They will become extinct purely on the fact that there is not enough space for them to live.

Preserving the bird life within the world can seem like a daunting task. However, with just a few small steps and a little precaution, it is easy enough to help preserve the life of the birds that will visit local areas. It does not take a large action to gain a large reaction. The smallest of help can provide the biggest solution to the problems that the birds of the world will no doubt face in their lives.

A bird house might not seem like it will do a lot. They are such small and inconsequential pieces that it can almost appear as if they do not help from the places where they are put, let alone in the grand scheme of things. However, giving a bird somewhere to live when so many homes for birds are being destroyed can be incredibly beneficial.

There are hundreds of different bird houses that can be bought, suitable for different types of birds. Some bird homes encourage particular birds to use and visit them, whereas others are made with the general bird population in mind. Some bird houses may come with a very deep set nest in them, made for smaller birds to roost quite far back in, in order to be safe from predators like foxes and squirrels. Other bird houses may be made with incredibly small entrance holes, to encourage only the small birds to enter. Metal plates around the holes can stop predators from tearing the holes larger in order to reach the birds inside.

Finding the right bird house requires a little research. It is best to place a bird house in a quite environment, yet in a place that it can still be seen, in order to monitor any major damage that may befall it.

A Fun Filled Family Adventure At The Franklin Park Zoo


Boston is a city that reconnects the old and the new; it is a city where the historical buildings and tales of the American Civil War live side by side with the modern art and culture, academia and vibrant nightlife. Boston is many things to many people as it is a truly multifaceted modern city. It is considered by many to be the unofficial capital of New England because it is the city which has the largest economy and the most cultural impact on the region.
In being such a vibrant, modern metropolis, the city will no doubt have many attractions for the visitors. These range from historical monuments and interesting architecture to chic restaurants, art galleries and museums. Among all of these interesting things to do in Boston, a visit to the Franklin Park Zoo is one that many families would love to experience.
The Franklin Park Zoo is one of the largest in the region at a land extent of 72 acres; it is operated by Zoo New England, which also manages another zoo in the state. It is located on the northern part of Franklin Park, which is named after the illustrious Boston-born Benjamin Franklin. This is also important as it forms the last part of the Boston Emerald Necklace – which is a network of public parks that form a semi circular green belt around the city.
At the inception of the Franklin Park Zoo in 1912, the creators envisioned it to be a zoo where the animals would be kept in open enclosures mimicking their natural habitat rather than the traditional zoo concept which restricts them in cages. Over the years, the site has had many makeovers but the core concept has always remained the same.
Today this site has many exhibits, the most popular ones being the Tropical Rainforest, the Serengeti Crossing, Kalahari Kingdom and the Outback Trail. Another popular section is the Children’s Zoo which includes farmyard animals such as ducks and horses and also two very rare Russian Amur Leopards.
Visitors can access this attraction from many Boston hotels as it is well connected via public transport. This is an interesting attraction for guests who want to explore the city while staying at a luxury hotel in Boston such as The Langham Boston.